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So I bought my bus ticket for Charlotte today (actually yesterday now). I leave on March 18 at 4pm. I have transfers in Washington DC and Richmond.This will be my first adventure on 2009. I had a few rough months in the second half of 2008 (the first half was great), but things are looking brighter again. I really miss my Charlotte friends - can't wait till we are reunited.Haven't bought my return ticket, in case I want to stick around for a bit or go elsewhere.
So I'm finally starting to feel a bit like my old self again. Had great time with two good friends last night. I feel creative, have so many ideas.
The years are passing fast, I have so many dreams left unaccomplished. I don't want to regret not at least trying to make magic happen.
Life is for living & loving. No more isolating. No more bleak thoughts.

Sep. 24th, 2008

I haven't felt inspired in quite some time...and now inspiration creeps up on me on a night when sleep is crucial. But I don't want to sleep, I feel like I have a billion ideas inside that I want to set free like captive butterflies!
I've been in such a terrible state lately - physically, mentally, spiritually, although things are looking up a bit
If I could sleep all day and stay awake all night I could get so much more accomplished...I've always been so much better at night
So the cruise was a real bummer. I had an interior cabin with no balcony or window, so it made my anxiety/depression a lot worse. Halifax was amazing though.
One of the best cities I've ever been to. Very hip & artsy. The relatives I met there were some of the sweetest people I could have hoped to meet. I felt as if I'd known them forever. Too bad I couldnt just stay a week there, getting to know them and their wonderful city.

I began writing a novel the other day for the billionth time. This time it's something I actually think I'm going to finish, or at least devote a lot of time to.
I feel a sense of peace as I write.

gone for a week

Setting sail tommorrow (actually later today)...
Leaving from Brooklyn. Stopping in Halifax, St. John, Bar Harbor, Boston, and Newport.

KOZIJAT ROG (The Goat's Horn)

Finished watching Goat's Horn today, a classic Bulgarian film from 1972. Or should I say THE classic Bulgarian film, as Bulgarian cinema has been pretty limited. Film critics and Bulgarian people consider this to be the greatest BG film ever made. One can clearly see the influences of Bergman and Kurosawa on the director Metodi Antonov.

I've been such a pack rat all of my life. I own way too many things. Thousands of books, many of which I've not yet read. Thousands of CDs, most of which I no longer listen to. Other assorted ephemera that just clutters up my life.
I've come to believe that the more things that I own, the more things own me. I tend to be sentimental, but it doesn't get me anywhere. Things are things...

So I'm going to start to give things away...either to charity or via craigslist. Perphaps I could make it into some kind of conceptual art project...

Just returned from a peaceful week in Cape Cod, MA. Spent time with an old friend, as well as some quality alone time in quiet reflection, on a small pier on a river near where I was staying.

2 weeks until I set sail on my first ever ocean cruise, a week long voyage up the Atlantic that makes stops in Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John, New Brunswick, two cities I have yet to set foot in. Halifax was on my short list of cities to move to back in 1997.

Planning longer stays in Montreal for September and/or October. I may to decide to live there part-time. The bus ride there is only 7 hours.

The only exciting thing I have coming up in NJ is a Chad & Jeremy concert in Chatham sometime in October.

Missing my dear friends in Charlotte, NC, where I lived from February through July of this year. Hope to spend some time there in November and again perhaps in February.
Yesterday was my birthday, spent it with my old friend Rick. We watched "The Little Thief" (my third time watching it in less than a week), a film based on Truffaut's final screenplay, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, my favorite actress of today. It's not available on DVD for some reason, so I had purchased the VHS online.